Good morning: The unpredictability at the heart of marketing

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Good morning, Marketers, and never say never.

What makes emerging technologies so exciting in martech is that there’s no surefire way to know how the story will end. Will there be disruption, as is the case with D2C retail, or an entire new ecosphere, like what came out of the original App Store?

There is an experimental ethos at the heart of marketing and of digital technology that keeps me glued to my seat every day as a journalist. Our MarTech flash survey found that out of over 200 respondents, the marketers who are considering some kind of commercial effort in the metaverse outnumber those who never will, approximately three-to-one.

As more brands launch storefronts in VR environments, and we at MarTech ask the hard questions about campaign execution and success, there’s a chance that some of the “nevers” will convert. But for any marketing strategy, there has to be a good reason backed by data and experienced reporting. I also can’t say enough about the need for marketers across industries to connect and share ideas, which is why we’re all thrilled that our MarTech virtual conference will be underway next week on March 29 and 30 (registration is free).

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Quote of the day: “One of the sad truths of business is that responsibility without authority will yield failure.” William Terdoslavich, MarTech contributor

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