Facebook and Instagram get streamlined 3D ads

3D e-commerce technology company VNTANA announces a platform integration with Meta that brings 3D ads to Facebook and Instagram, and automates the creation and publication process of the ads for advertisers. The integration was developed with access to the alpha version of Meta’s augmented reality publishing API.

To use this technology, brands upload their existing 3D designs, and in VNTANA they get converted to Facebook and Instagram standards. They can then be published from VNTANA directly to the Meta catalog. Meta’s 3D ads appear in user’s Facebook and Instagram feeds, and these ads originally debuted last year for beauty brands. The categories now expand to some footwear and handbag brands.

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Why we care. 3D imaging is raising the bar and enabling more consumers to feel confident with purchases they make without visiting a store, even for very personal decisions like makeup and glasses.

The demand for 3D content creates an entirely new workflow for many marketing teams, and with more destinations for this content to appear, the process needs to be scaled. VNTANA and Meta are standardizing and streamlining the process for Facebook and IG, which covers a good chunk of the social media budget for many organizations.

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