Google Analytics 4 or bust: Will you stay or go?

The news certainly landed with a thud. Google has said it will sunset the current Google Analytics version by July 2023, which sounds like we have until then to make the switch. But Google has also said it will not port over historical data from our existing GA instances to Google Analytics 4. That means the longer you wait to set up your GA 4 instance the less historical data you will have.

And, if you at least want some year-over-year data once the switch happens, you really need to set up your GA 4 before July 2022.

That leaves marketers with two options: Make the switch or seek alternative analytics platforms.

We’re asking you that question so we can find out how the MarTech community is thinking. Please take our poll by clicking on the image below. We’ll report back in a few days on what the data tell us.

And if you are looking for more resources about GA4, here are a few to get you started:

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