Good morning: Who am I to unsubscribe?

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Good morning, Marketers, and it’s not just Ryan Phelan who gets the wrong emails

In his new article for MarTech, Ryan Phelan rants his inimitable way through five things he hates about email and how to fix them. The fourth really resonated with me: “Sending me the wrong stuff,” thereby revealing that for all the “Dear Kim,” you don’t really know who I am.

I’m sure we all have some stories. I did indeed once go to a minor league baseball game in Nashville with my daughter and for months afterwards received promotional emails and offers of tickets. We had a great time, but I can’t get down to Tennessee just for a baseball game. Another one: I attended a conference in Atlanta last summer, and during the free last afternoon visited the High Museum of Art. I now hear from them at least weekly.

Of course, this is partly my fault for not unsubscribing. But I feel bad. I loved the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. If they think I’m a useful record in their database, who am I to unsubscribe? But I’m really not.

Kim Davis

Editorial Director

What we’re reading. “Female founders need more money not more mentoring” from Tessa Clarke on the Financial Times-backed Sifted blog. Yet another new mentoring program “implies that the root cause of the problem lies with female founders not being up to scratch, rather than the VC industry being structurally biased.”

Quote of the day. “The other morning, I woke up in a foul mood. I had the perfect storm of not enough coffee coinciding with weather that wasn’t warming up fast enough and a vacation that felt a long way away. And then I went into my inbox, and I got aggravated all over again. I saw everything I hate about email.” Ryan Phelan, email expert and MarTech contributor

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