Bugatti Unveils a $300,000 Pool Table That Stays Level On A Yacht

Bugatti, maker of ultra expensive hypercars, has solved a problem that has been plaguing all billionaires. How to play pool on your superyacht when the sailing isn’t as smooth as you’d like it to be. The company has developed a luxurious pool table made with gyroscopic self-leveling technology to prevent the balls from rolling, even on the high seas!

Part of the Bugatti Lifestyle Collection, the limited-edition pool table is made with carbon fiber and finished to look like the carmaker’s hypercars. The frame is built with machined aluminum and titanium.

The self-leveling technology relies on a gyroscopic sensor to keep the table steady on a yacht. Each leg can move individually to compensate for the movement of a ship. The system makes adjustments in just five milliseconds. Think of it as a gimbal for a pool table.

Each table comes with carbon fiber pool cues that have aluminum ends that looks like the buttons found in the company’s cars, a wall-mounted cue support with a 13-inch touchscreen that lets users keep track of the score, a dimmable LED ceiling light, a chalk box, a cleaning brush, and a suitcase upholstered with Bugatti leather to carry the balls. Buyers will also receive a USB drive with photos and videos taken during their table’s production process.

Production is limited to only 30 units, and pricing starts at 250,000 euros, which works out to $300,000 USD at the current conversion rate. Now I just need a superyacht to put this thing in.

Source: jhonchow

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