Meet ZiGGY – An Autonomous Robot That Will Charge Your EV While You Shop

Many shopping centers and malls now have dedicated parking spots for EVs to charge. However, they take up valuable space and there are temptations for non-EVs to use them when the lot is full. Ziggy plans to solve that problem and bring a new revenue source to the shopping centers.


ZiGGY is a robotic mobile EV charging platform that serves all parking spaces. As more EVs hit the roads every day, EV charging demand can’t keep up. New regulations on parking infrastructure are being introduced daily to try to meet that demand, at significant costs. 500 million chargers could be required globally by 2040, up from fewer than six million today, representing nearly $1.6 trillion of cumulative investment in EV charging infrastructure. ZiGGY reduces or eliminates the costs involved in installing stationary EV charging systems.

Made by EV Safe Charge, ZiGGY is immediately deployable, scalable, and can be implemented anywhere. For new or existing parking facilities, ZiGGY reduces the time, effort and cost to meet EV charging requirements.

You’ll be able to book and summon ZiGGY using either a mobile app or your EV’s infotainment system. If you summon ahead of time, the robot will arrive at parking space and hold it for you, then plug-in for charging once you’ve safely parked. EV Safe Charge said ZiGGY will offer level 2 charging speed at launch. The company also said it will eventually be capable of Level 3 charging speed. When it’s done charging your battery, Ziggy will return to its home base, where it will recharge itself using either the parking lot’s power grid, battery storage solar energy or a mixture of all three.

EV Safe Charge plans to lease ZiGGY to customers under a Charging-as-a-Service business model. ZiGGY will come equipped with two large screens that can serve as informational kiosks or interactive advertising, offering additional income options for parking facility owners.

EV Safe Charge hasn’t announced a firm launch date yet, but plans to put the charging robot into production next year. Sites in San Francisco and Brooklyn have already agreed to give the charging robot a tryout.

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