The $1,299 Bugatti Smartwatch Is A Pretty Dumb Choice

At $1,299, the Bugatti Smartwatch is the cheapest watch you can buy with a Bugatti name. Previous Bugatti watches were made by made by Swiss watchmaker Jacob & Co. and cost as much as $1.3 million each, and you need to own a Bugatti to buy one. There is no such requirement with the Bugatti Smartwatch.

The Bugatti Smartwatch was made with a collaboration between Bugatti and Austrian smartwatch brand VIITA. It started off as a kickstarter campaign that reached its funding goal in just one day. I guess the idea of telling people you have a “Bugatti timepiece” and having them think Jacob & Co. and needing to own a Bugatti in order to get one proved very tempting to all those fake it til you make it social media influencers.

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The Bugatti smartwatches come in three distinct styles. These form what the automaker calls the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One collection. The trio of styles reflects various Bugatti automobile special editions – the Le Noire, Pur Sport and Divo. The only thing different between the watches is the interchangeable bezel. The watch itself is exactly the same.

The Bugatti Smartwatch sells for $1,299 with a Le Noire, Pur Sport or Divo bezel, or you can pay $1,699 for a watch with all three bezels. The watch comes with a very nice looking display box made from sustainable wood and vegan leather. There is also a titanium and silicone strap, a leather bezel pouch, a charger, a special screwdriver for changing bezels, and a user manual.

All three smartwatch models get identical LED touchscreens and the typical smartwatch functionality like GPS, health monitoring, etc.

Will Real Bugatti Owners Actually Buy This?

It’s highly unlike that owners of Bugatti cars will be the buyers of the Bugatti Smartwatch. The vast majority of Bugatti owners are Apple iPhone users, and the Bugatti Smartwatch is an Android device. While the smartwatch does have an iOS app, it’s not a seamless experience like an Apple Watch with an Apple iPhone.

The other thing to consider is the Bugatti Smartwatch is just a rebadged VIITA TITAN HRV smartwatch that sells for $299. You’re basically paying an extra $1,000 for VIITA to put the Bugatti name on it.

The Bugatti Smartwatch is for the person who can’t afford the Bugatti car, but want to have something with the Bugatti name. If you’re a Bugatti enthusiast and you don’t mind paying an extra $1,000 for a $299 smartwatch, then this is the watch for you.


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