These Are The Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs of 2022

Ever wonder how much the CEOs of the top companies make? Well, wonder no more! Corporate data company, Equilar, maintains a database of CEO compensation and I’ve pulled out the top 10 biggest paydays of 2022. And boy, do these guys make a ton of money!

As a group, the top 10 highest paid CEOs will take home total compensation of over $3.3 billion in 2022, or an average of $330 million per person. At the top of the list is Jeff Green of The Trade Desk. Jeff will receive almost $835 million total compensation this year, which is a 5,142% increase over last year.

A good number to watch out for is CEO to average employee pay ratio. Mr. Green’s $835 million payday is 4,283 times higher than the $194,939 median income of a regular employee at The Trade Desk, which I must admit is a fairly good income for a normal worker.

Which company has the highest CEO to worker bee pay ratio? To no one’s shock, it’s Amazon.

Since taking over the CEO role from Jeff Bezos, Andrew Jassy has been rewarded with a sky high compensation package. High enough to put him at the number 8 spot on the list. However, what is truly shocking is his pay is a whopping 6,474 times higher than the average amazon worker, who’s median income is only $32,855 a year. So while the Amazon warehouse worker is barely making ends meet, Mr. Jassy is living large and in charge to the tune of over $200 million this year. Yes, it’s good to be the boss!

Source: jhonchow

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