Tesla To Open Supercharger Network To Non-Tesla EVs In The US

One of the biggest reason for buying a Tesla over any other EVs is the Tesla Supercharger Network. This network allows any Tesla owners to take a road trip across the United States without worrying about running out of charge. A lack of a charging network is one of the top reasons why Tesla owners refuse to buy other EVs. Well, if you’re a Tesla owner who’s been eyeing that new Hummer EV, I have good news. According to a memo from the White House, Tesla is set to open up their Superchargers to non-Tesla EVs!

Tesla is expanding production capacity of power electronics components that convert alternating current to direct current, charging cabinets, posts and cables. Later this year, Tesla will begin production of new Supercharger equipment that will enable non-Tesla EV drivers in North America to use Tesla Superchargers.

Tesla supercharging for all electric vehicles started in Europe because the EU Superchargers use the CCS standard connector used by all EVs other than Teslas. In the US, Tesla uses its own proprietary connector. This prevents non-Tesla EV owners from using the Supercharger Network and limits Tesla owners to the Supercharger Network for fast-charging unless they can get a Tesla CCS adapter.

Tesla CCS adapter

In order for US EV owners to use the Supercharge Network on their non-Tesla EVs, they will need to get a CCS to Tesla adapter. Tesla has started retrofitting their Superchargers to have both Tesla and CCS connectors in Europe, and they should be doing the same thing in the US, according to the White House memo.

Tesla Supercharge with Tesla and CCS Connector

Why Is Tesla Doing This?

It is reasonable to ask why Tesla would give up one of the biggest advantage to buying a Tesla. Does Elon Musk believe that opening up the Supercharger Network would accelerate the world away from fossil fuel? I’m sure the Tesla PR team (if they had one) would say yes. However, the reason is money.

The federal government is making $7.5 billion available to accelerate electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the US, and one of the conditions to get a piece of that money is the charging stations needs to be able to charge all EVs. It’s all about he money.

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