1958 BMW Isetta 300 at South OC Cars and Coffee

The Isetta is an Italian-designed microcar. Because of its egg shape and bubble-like windows, it became known as the bubble car.


The BMW Isetta became the world’s first mass produced car to achieve a fuel consumption of 3 L/100 km (78 mpg). It was the top-selling single-cylinder car in the world, with 161,728 units sold.

The 300 in the Isetta name refers to the size of the engine: 300 cc. The tiny engine make a whopping 13 hp at 5200 rpm, and can shoot the 815 pound Isetta from zero to 60 in never. The top speed of the car is 53 mph, but the owner said he wouldn’t go pass 20. The tiny BMW won the South OC Car and Coffee Car of The Week award.


Source: jhonchow

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