Custom Cadillac Escalade Dually 4X4 at South OC Cars and Coffee

This was wildest truck at South OC Cars and Coffee. It claims to be a Cadillac Escalade Dually, even though Cadillac doesn’t make such a vehicle.


The Cadillac Dually started life as a GMC or Chevrolet Dually. The owner replaced the front clip from a Cadillac Escalade to create the insane 4×4. In addition to the Cadillac sex change, the Dually rides on 26″ chrome wheel with big knobby off-road tires. The truck is lifted on a custom ladder bar suspension system. It also has the biggest exhaust pipe I have ever seen. The Dually was definitely one of the biggest and craziest trucks at South OC Cars and Coffee.

Source: jhonchow

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