Bugatti Has Opened a Cafe To Serve You a $60 Espresso Shot

If paying $290 for a bottle of Bugatti Champagne is too rich for your blood, then Bugatti has another drink option for you – a $60 espresso shot! It’s not the same as a $3.5 million hypercar, but it does comes in a Bugatti carbon fiber cup.

The French hypercar maker has opened its first coffee shop at its Mayfair showroom in London. The showroom is invite only, but the coffee shop is open to the general public.

The cafe is call Ettore’s Espresso Bar, named after the company’s founder, Ettore Bugatti. It will serves up all your typical coffee drinks: espresso, lattes, Americanos, mochas, etc. However, the drink you want to experience (at least once, anyway) is the Ettore Shot. This a $60 pull of espresso served in a cup made from the same carbon fiber that adorns Bugatti’s cars. Drink the shot, keep the cup!

The $60 Ettore Shot

Another bonus for taking the shot. You gain access to the showroom and its lounge area so you can peruse the Bugattis that normally requires an invitation to see. You’ll be treated like a real Bugatti customer, and Bugatti ambassadors are on hand to walk you through everything you’d want to learn about the brand. Of course, someone buying a $60 shot of espresso maybe isn’t the same person who would buy a $3.5 million Bugatti, but it’s nice to be treated like one.


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