Watch Tesla Autopilot Play Chicken with Oncoming Train

A Tesla owner in Denver, Colorado, got more than he expected when the “Full Self Driving” feature of his Model 3 saw an oncoming train and decided to play a game of chicken with it.

Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) is a $13,000 upgrade to Tesla Autopilot. Despite what the name would suggest, you still have keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road while in FSD mode, in case your Tesla plays chicken with a train or any other vehicles.

Luckily, the driver was playing attention and was able to take back control of the Model 3 and avoided a head on with the train. However, there’s a much larger conversation to be had about Tesla charging customers $13,000 to be FSD beta testers. However, that’s for another post.

Source: jhonchow

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