This Porsche 911 “GT2 RS” Is Ready For The Road Trip

This Porsche 911 started life as a Turbo. The owner added the nose, hood and front fenders from a GT2 RS to make it look a Porsche GT car. He even added a giant top mounted wind to complete the look. The car was then wrapped in money green.

Sports cars aren’t that great for road trips due to their limited luggage space. The 911 Turbo has less than 5 cubic feet of space in its frunk, which is enough for a carry-on bag, but not much else. This is were the giant wing comes in. The owner used the wing as the rear mounting support for the roof mounted cargo box.

The box is held onto the car by very strong suction cups. As long as the owner doesn’t try to explore the Turbo’s top speed, he won’t have to worry about the rack flying off. To make the box look like it belonged on the car, it was wrapped in the same green color.

Some would say that making your 911 Turbo look like GT2 RS is even worst than sticking an AMG badge on a normal Mercedes. It may look like the hot version, but it really isn’t. However, even if you stick a roof box on a real GT2 RS, you will never want to take a road trip with it because it’s basically a race car. A 911 Turbo, on the other hand, is more a luxury grand tourer. The owner wanted the race car looks of the GT2 RS, with the everyday comfort of the 911 Turbo. And he didn’t stick any GT2 or RS badges on the car, so I say it’s all good.

Source: jhonchow

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