Tesla Model S Plaid with Ferrari Tan Leather Interior

For a lot of supercar owners, Tesla is the de facto other car. For example, 100% of Koenigsegg owners also own a Tesla, including Mr. Koenigsegg himself (his daily driver is a Model S). These owners expect a certain level of luxury from their cars, and while a Tesla Model Model S Plaid can offer supercar beating performance, its interior isn’t on the same level as a Ferrari.

Tesla has started addressing this issue with the $29,995 von Holzhausen x Unplugged Performance interior. However, they’re not the only game in town. Another California company, T Sportline, can make the interior of your Tesla match your ultra expensive supercar.

Ferrari owners are another group that also own Teslas, and this Ferrari owner wanted to match his Tesla Model S Plaid with his Ferrari collection. This means yellow brake calipers, brush satin wheels, and a brand new interior made with the same leather used in his Ferraris. The yoke steering wheel was replaced with a more traditional carbon fiber wheel wrapped in Ferrari leather. The owner also own Roll-Royces as well, so he added a Sheepskin floor mats to the Plaid. Hey, why not? It’s only money.

To give the car a more luxurious looks, the leather on the doors were stitched in a diamond pattern using Ferrari tan thread, and the plastic seat backs were replaced with matt carbon fiber units.

All this does not come cheap. A complete interior makeover will cost just as much, if not more, that what Tesla and Unplugged Performance is charging for the von Holzhausen interior. However, adding $30K to $50K to the cost of a $136K Plaid shouldn’t matter much to a Ferrari owner.


Source: jhonchow

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