Bears Give New Meaning To The Term “Eat The Rich”

Eat the rich has a new meaning after a group of bears mauled and ate a wealthy couple and a pilot after their helicopter crashed in the Russian wilderness. The helicopter was flown by well-known Russian biathlete Igor Malinovsky, with business people Zoya Kaygorodova and Sergey Kolesnyak on board.

According to Euro Weekly News, the helicopter lost communication due to bad weather and wreckage was was discovered by rescuers in Kamchatka, a peninsula located in the Russian Far East. Three hours later, distressed remains of the trio were found near the Semyachkov Pass.

NTV reported that the corpses were dragged away, mauled and eaten by wild bears. Kamchatka has one of the highest densities of brown bears on the earth. An estimated 10,000 to 14,000 bears live in the Peninsula, which is about the size of California.

Bears do not usually seek out humans to munch on. They usually eat plants, insects, fish, and other smaller animals. Kamchatka brown bears have access to richer food sources such as salmon, pine nuts and berries. However, bears are opportunistic hunters, meaning they’re lazy and take advantage of food that is readily available to them. It is unclear whether the passengers and pilot were dead before being dragged off by the bears.

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