C SEED N1 Is A $200,000 Giant 165 Inch Self Folding TV

Do you want to take your Netflix and Chill experience to a whole new level and you have a $200,000 laying around? Then the new C SEED N1 165 inch self folding TV is exactly what you’re looking for.

C SEED makes giant TV that don’t take up much space because they fold into sculptural works of art. Their newest model is the N1, and is boasts a 165-inch 4K MicroLED display. And unlike the company’s previous 165 inch M1 model (pictured above), installation is a breeze.

The C SEED N1 TV reshapes interior design and transforms the media experience, combining cutting edge technology with avant-garde style in a giant folding screen of striking sculptural quality. It is a minimalist sculpture, a kinetic work of art: Initially invisible, the N1 suddenly it grows huge, rising up, unfolding its 4K MicroLED screen and settling on an aluminum base of timeless beauty.

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When not in used, the N1 folds up into something resembling a minimalist sculpture. It’s sure to be a conversation piece. However, one push of the remote and the N1 grows huge, rising up, then unfolding its 165 inch screen and settling on a metal base.


The TV’s five interlocking panels combine to produce a massive screen. The display has been given a special treatment that allows it to produce truer blacks and more vibrant colors, while cutting down on glare. The N1 also has built-in 100-watt broadband speakers for sound, but I imagine most owners will hook up the audio to a separate sound system.

If a 165 inch TV is too big for you, the N1 is available in two smaller sizes – 137 inch and 103 inch. Price starts at $200,000. If you think that’s expensive, it’s actually more than half the price of the older C SEED M1.

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