Watch How Aston Martin Hand Makes Its New Winged Badge

Aston Martin went through a lot of changes in the past year. Just a few months ago, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. However, thanks to new management and a huge capital injection from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, Aston Martin is back on track and ready for the next Bond movie.

Along with the changes, Aston Martin has decided to revise its famous winged badge as the automaker prepares to enter a new era defined by electrified vehicles.

The new winged badge is an evolution of a design first introduced in 1932. It’s distinguished from the current Aston Martin wing by the absent ring around the “Aston Martin” script and the extra curvature in some of the lines. The new wing was created by graphic designer Peter Saville.

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The making on the wing is contracted to Vaughtons, which also crafted the wing for the first-class suites on the Titanic. Vaughtons has been crafting Aston Martin wings since the 1960s. It’s an extremely complex process and largely done by hand.


The new winged badge will appear on updated versions of Aston Martin’s cars due in 2023. However, you can see a preview of the new badge as this weekend’s French Grand Prix. The Aston Martin F1 team will will be running their cars with the new logo.

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