Somehow Tesla Got a Tesla Only Lane At The US-Mexico Border

If you’re driving back to the US from Mexico and you’re driving a Tesla, you can now bypass everyone thanks to the new Tesla only lane!

Somehow, Tesla has managed to strike a deal with the state of Nuevo Leon to have its own lane at the US-Mexico border. This was designed to help the company and its suppliers get across the border faster, but it also means Tesla owners can bypass the normal line up.

Nuevo Leon borders with the great state of Texas, which is home to the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin. Nuevo Leon is home to more than 5 million people, most of them concentrated around Monterrey, its capital. There are many industries in the region, including a lot of automotive suppliers.

Tesla has several suppliers in Nuevo Leon according to Rivas, including EnFlex Corp. and Quanta Computer, French firm Faurecia SE, Germany’s ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and APG Mexico.

How did Tesla managed to get its own lane at the border crossing? According to Ivan Rivas, the economy minister of Nuevo Leon, it was was an “incentive” awarded to Tesla.

It was a simple incentive. What we want is a crossing that’s much more expedited and efficient. And maybe there will be a lane for other companies in the future like there is for Tesla.

Another reason for this incentive is to encourage Tesla to build their next Gigafactory in Mexico. Tesla is considering Canada, US, and Mexico as possible location of their next North America plant.

Source: jhonchow

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