7 Exciting Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency

Everyone enters the cryptocurrency industry intending to make money, but not everyone really makes money. Because they don’t fully grasp how to profit from cryptocurrencies, many people either give up along the way or lose money.

The crypto sector is still undergoing development and much is yet to be done. The popularity and rise in the price of assets have made more people key into the industry. These newcomers are constantly attempting to understand how to profit from cryptocurrencies.

The good news is that there are countless cryptocurrency-based revenue streams. Social media activity, developer activity, and the quantity of cryptocurrency-related start-ups have all increased steadily since 2011.

You can make money with cryptocurrency by first investing in or trading on the cryptocurrency exchange market. You can invest in cryptocurrencies like gold on the stock market without owning any of them.

Secondly, you can stake and lend coins to the platform or other users using the coins you already own.

Thirdly, you can participate in the blockchain network by mining or earning coins as compensation for your efforts. 

These broad three methods can further be broken into the following.


The long-term method of acquiring and holding cryptocurrency assets for some period is known as investing. A buy-and-hold strategy works well with most crypto assets. They have tremendous long-term growth potential but are volatile in the short term.

Finding longer-lasting, more stable assets is a requirement of the investing strategy. Assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum are safe investments because they have a history of showing long-term price increases.


This is an additional way to make money with cryptocurrencies; it promises a double income potential through price gains and dividend payments from speci?c coins in exchange for staking (or “proof-of-stake”).

Staking entails keeping coins in a live wallet, which enables you to earn extra coins for helping to secure a specific crypto network.

Neblio, NAV Coin, PIVX, Decred, and many other coins are a few examples of coins that can be staked.


While trading aims to take advantage of short-term opportunities, investing is a long-term task relying on the buy-and-hold approach.

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable. This implies that asset prices can change dramatically over the short term, both up and down.

You must possess the analytical and technical skills to succeed as a trader. To make precise predictions about price increases or decreases, you’ll need to analyze the market charts on selected asset performance.

Whether you anticipate a rise or fall in an asset’s price, you can trade by taking either a long or short position. This implies that you can profit whether the cryptocurrency market is bullish or bearish.


Cryptocurrency mining is how original cryptocurrency pioneers made money. Mining is a key part of the Proof of Work in cryptocurrency. It shows the worth of a cryptocurrency. 

Mining a cryptocurrency rewards you with new coins. To be proficient in mining, you need to have the technical experience and specialized mining machines at your disposal. 

Forks and airdrops

A cryptocurrency owner sometimes gives out free tokens and airdrops to raise awareness of their asset. You can receive a free coin by participating in an airdrop, which you can use to make purchases, investments, or trades.

A protocol upgrade or change that produces new coins causes a blockchain to fork. Usually, you will receive free tokens on the new network if you have coins on the original chain. This means you got free tokens because you were in the right place and at a perfect moment!

Crypto arbitrage

Since the cryptocurrency industry is largely unregulated, there are many variations in asset valuation, product pricing, and other factors. Most exchanges set their listing prices, which has helped to eliminate differences in asset volatility and liquidity. 

If carefully considered, buying from cheap sources and selling on absurdly high exchanges is a way to profit from these price variations. This is what arbitrage means.

If you put your act together, you can find price spreads ranging from 5% to 30% on different exchanges. Consider registering on various platforms and comparing asset prices to find any appreciable differences to profit from.

Play-to-earn games

This is undoubtedly your best option if you love to play games and are looking for a way to make money with cryptos without putting any of your own money. Even if the field is still new, there are several games you can play on a casual or advanced level and earn some cryptocurrency as payment for your advancement. 


How to Buy Crypto

You’ll need to buy a cryptocurrency to start earning money with them. You can get cryptocurrency in one of three ways: by opening an online account, creating a wallet to store your coins, or mining existing coins. 

For instance, to purchase Bitcoin, you must first connect your cryptocurrency account to your bank account, authorize a wire transfer, or make a purchase with your debit or credit card to fund it. 


This guide on how to earn money with cryptocurrencies covered 7 tested strategies to take into account in 2022. The best strategies we found include investing (buy and hold), trading, staking, and arbitrage. 

Having said that, investing in promising digital assets that are just getting started on their road maps is generally the best way to profit from cryptocurrencies.

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