The MCU Infinity Stones Are For Sale – Only $25 Million

Considering how many people he had to kill and amount of resources deployed, it’s safe to say Thanos spent way more than $25 million to acquire all six Infinity Stones. However, for that lowly sum, Marvel will sell you a set of real life Infinity Stones!

During this past weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego, Marvel announced the launch of the Infinity Collection of Gemstones. New York’s East Continental Gems is tasked with bringing the six magical stones to life. The six stones combined are over 150 carats and come with a total estimated value surpassing $25 million. No superpowers are not included so you can forget about snapping away half of all life in the universe.

“Fans and collectors are a very important consumer for Marvel, since they truly live the Marvel lifestyle every day and are always seeking to connect with the brand in new and unique ways. We feel this authentic gemstone collection is cool and unexpected and extends the reach of the Marvel brand” – Paul Gitter, SVP, Marvel Consumer Products

The Infinity Collection of Gemstones will debut in discrete drops. It will feature a Colombian emerald nearing 23 carats, an almost 30-carat sapphire from Madagascar, a 15-plus carat natural ruby from Mozambique, a 35-plus carat cushion-shaped Spessartite garnet and a rectangular yellow diamond, close to 35 carats. Of course, the stones will be displayed in the Infinity Gauntlet that will be custom-made by high-end collectible toy company, Gentle Giant Ltd.

As great as all this is, I think you need to be an extremely die hard Marvel fan to spend $25 million on a set of Infinity Stones. I guess it’s appropriate that the first stone Marvel will drop is the Reality Stone. Because once you buy it, the reality that you’re spending $25 million on six rocks will sink in.

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