Your Cat Is An Invasive Alien Species

Finally, science as confirmed what we knew all along. Cats are trouble makers!

Respected scientific institute Polish Academy of Sciences (PASIFIC) has officially classified cats as an “invasive alien species.” Needless to say, cat lovers are throwing a fur ball over the findings.

“Make no mistake: Labeling cats as invasive is a preferred first step in a broader strategy of killing them in huge numbers through ghastly cat hunts and poisonings.” Becky Robinson, Founder of Alley Cat Allies

The study, headed by PASIFIC biologist Wojciech Solarz, found that the damage that cats cause in terms of hunting and killing birds and other wildlife was enough justification to consider the animals invasive.

“I have a dog, but I don’t have anything against cats.” – Wojciech Solarz, PASIFIC biologist

The “Felis catus” species, otherwise known as the house cat met all criteria to land itself on the list of invasive species due to the animals’ harmful impact on biodiversity. Apparently, those loveably fur balls kill 140 million birds in Poland every year!

Does this look like an invasive alien species?

Due to the outcry over the classification, PASIFIC published a post on its website seeking to clarify its position. The institute stressed that it was “opposed to any cruelty towards animals.” It also argued that its classification was in line with European Union guidelines. The institute emphasized that it was only recommending that cat owners limit the amount of time their pets spend outside during bird breeding season.

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