Blog Tweaking Tips That Produce Huge Conversions

With blogging, it’s about finding what works and how to optimize until you get the highest conversion rate. However, there are several factors that will determine how well your blog performs and you need to know how to differentiate between the elements. Over the years, many authority bloggers have produced “case studies”, outlining some of the blog tweaking tips and currently, there are hundreds. Each blog, depending on the niche, has their own elements that produce results. Personally, I’ve found tweaking your blog doesn’t have to be difficult because you have to focus on the main factors like design, content, social media, load time, etc. Here are a few tips I pulled out from the large resources online I believe make the most difference. Next,

It’s important to try each one until you find a combination that works well for you and your niche. Let’s get started…

Your Loading Time

Google has stressed the importance of “load time” and it’s even part of their 200 ranking factors. It’s important you have a blog that loads in under 3 seconds because it adds value to the user search experience. I can’t count the number of times I’ve left a blog because it wasn’t loading fast enough and when I’m looking for important information, it’s vital I get it right away. Google understands how important load time is in establishing a great user experience so will rank websites higher depending on average load time. If you haven’t tested your website, then use free tools like: to test your website. Depending on the results, you might want to look into the following to knock seconds off your time…

  • Compress your images
  • Update plug-ins
  • Remove unwanted banners
  • Minify files like Java & CSS
  • Install WP Cache

Design and Interface

Both these elements are very important to improve conversions because they benefit the bottom line. For example, with a solid design, visitors can find content easily, navigate your website, find clear call-to-actions, etc. Design also correlates with color and a website that’s easy on the visitors’ eyes will lower bounce rate, keeping visitors on blog longer. This simply increases the chance of converting them into a customer. Next,

Interface refers to the back and front end of your website. Any website platform that’s easy to use will make your job easier when you’re customizing. For example, WordPress has gained enormous popularity because their interface is very easy to use and setup. With the click of a button, you can install plug-ins, templates, add pages, content, categories, and menu. All of these features have allowed you to customize your site so it’s perfect for your visitors.

Make Use of Tools

You’re probably wondering what I mean and the concept is very simple. To increase conversions, use tools that make your life easier, allowing you to test and tweak for optimal results. With 80% of bloggers using WordPress, it’s no wonder that thousands of plug-ins are available for testing purposes. You have landing tools for landing pages, banners, social shares, load time, content download, comments, etc. All of these tools help convert visitors into customers by getting the necessary information in front of them. It’s an awesome concept and works very well because you save time testing, tweaking while increasing conversions.

Here are some to focus on going forward…

  • Landing page plug-ins
  • Load time plug-ins
  • Ad management plug-ins
  • Social plug-ins

All of them will increase traffic and conversions in the long run.

Always Brand Yourself

Over time, your brand will carry you a very long way and conversions will start pouring in. For example, is a brand and any product endorsed by John Chow will generate enormous ROI. However, you have to start somewhere and it’s important to build your blog as a brand. Through your brand, you can offer quality content, tools, reviews, case studies, etc., and it’s your brand that will carry you a long way going forward.

It’s not hard to brand yourself because your marketing strategy should be based around your brand going forward. It should appear on all your marketing campaigns going forward.

High Quality Content

If you provide value, then your customers will be loyal and this leads to conversions in the long-run. The Internet is a huge resource of information that is a benefit to all of us, but this can be a negative thing as well. With all this content available, it is easy to fall victim to low quality content with no real substance so people are looking for a handful of quality blogs to turn to for information. In the end, if you provide all the value these visitors need, then they’ll be more than happy to purchase products or services you promote. Why? You’ve provided value through your content and they know you’ll provide the same through products you’re promoting. What is quality?

  • Research a common problem
  • An in-depth solution better than your competitors
  • Answering comments
  • Include images or video
  • Provides a complete solution

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