Community Discussion: Are You Making Progress With Your Blogging?

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Remember the 1st of January 2017? Did you decide “This is the year I’ll start a blog”? Or maybe you set some new blog goals for 2017, prompted by our community discussion?

Well, guess what? We’re coming up to the last quarter of the year – just 3 more months remain in 2017. Are you where you want to be with your blogging at this stage of the year?

If you haven’t set any goals you may not be sure how you’re tracking. It’s never too late to benchmark where you’re at and prepare for what’s ahead. A good start would be these 17 statistics to monitor on your blog. If it’s your first year of blogging, then check out our tips (and free download) for evaluating your blog’s first year. Even if it wasn’t your first year, the evaluation will still help you work out how you’re traveling with your blog.

If you’ve been blogging a while, you may want to conduct a more thorough review. Whilst it might be a little early to conduct a full annual blogging review, you may glean enough insights to get you through to the end of the year in good shape by evaluating these seven areas of your blog from Darren’s half-yearly review process.

With the final quarter of the year to go, you may also want to start planning ahead for next year. It will be Christmas before we know it, so it’s a good time to set some blog changing goals for the new year.

We’d love to know how you monitor your blog’s progress. Do you set goals – annually, quarterly, monthly even? Do you have a process for reviewing your blog’s performance? Perhaps you can share in the comments which metrics/milestones/achievements are most important to you? And, most importantly – tell us if you’re where you were hoping to be with your blogging as we move into the last quarter of 2017.

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