Do You Have the Successful Mindset?

It’s pretty safe to say that a desire for “happiness” and “success” is fairly universal. We all want to be happy and successful, however you choose to define those terms. The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to get there. If you’ve been reading John Chow dot Com for a while, then you’ll already know all about the Dot Com Lifestyle and what that entails. You’ll also understand, at some level, that you need to get out of the “employee” or “job” mindset if you want to achieve that level of “happiness” or “success.”

It requires a fundamental shift in perspective. This doesn’t come overnight and everyone’s path is going to be a little bit different. To help direct you on your journey, there’s a comprehensive course called The Successful Mindset. Let’s get started with today’s review and see what it’s all about.

Everything It Takes to Be Successful?

The Successful Mindset challenges you to consider how you can “discover your full potential and turn out to be more successful than you ever imagined possible.”

The course consists of seven modules, each meant to approach a key target area that you’ll want to improve and work on if you want to be successful. These include creating online businesses that produce sustainable wealth, managing your time effectively, optimizing your health, and even “tapping into the powerful connection between faith and success.”

In addition to the seven core modules, you are also provided with a number of bonus materials. All of these also come with master resale and giveaway rights. They include Traffic Rampage (for getting web traffic), Discipline 101 (for breaking the cycle of bad discipline), Complete Concepts (for boosting your creativity), and Bringing The Best Out of the Worst People (for motivating others and getting the best results).

Unlocking Your Potential?

After purchasing the product, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download the full course materials, as well as the bonus products. The main course is offered as a single RAR archive. However, what I found is that after I extracted the archive, all I got were a series of additional archive files.

It would have been much more convenient if extracting from the “master” RAR archive resulted in the actual files I wanted to access. Also, it’s a little curious that the archive files are named MTRPLR1, MTRPLR2, and so on, don’t you think? More on that in a moment.

Each module of this course is effectively an e-book in PDF format. The e-book is generally about 30 to 35 pages each. For each module, you are also provided with an audiobook MP3. The voice reminded me a little of Moviefone, which isn’t the best for an hour-long recording at a time.

But wait a second. I thought this product was called The Successful Mindset. On the first page of each e-book, there is a copyright notice saying that this report belongs to SureFireWealth. It’s possible (and hopefully likely) that The Successful Mindset is a licensee.

A quick Google search yielded a website called SureFireWealth that sells PLR (private label rights) content. My suspicion is that Vincent Tang picked up a series of PLR content and repackaged it to create The Successful Mindset. He appears to have added a short introduction to each module that precedes the actual introduction; the former isn’t even in the table of contents.

How’s the Content?

To be completely fair, we can’t dismiss The Successful Mindset simply because it is a repackaged version of some PLR content. If it’s actually good, then what’s the difference, right?

As mentioned, what you’ll find inside each module is basically a 30 to 35 page e-book. The content contained within these modules reads similarly to blog content; each chapter is roughly the length of a decent blog post. In the first module, for instance, you’ll get sections on deciding on a mission statement, writing a vision statement, and coming up with your unique selling proposition (USP).

The content itself isn’t bad, per se, but it’s not especially unique either. Much of this has been covered by numerous people before, so what you’re getting is the convenience of everything packaged up in one bundle. There are some significant oddities with spacing, punctuation, and formatting, however. It’s a little sloppy, to be honest, and could have been easily corrected.

In addition to the modules themselves, you’re also offered an accompanying workbook. It asks you questions like what tasks are taking the majority of your time, in what areas do you excel, and what areas do you consider your weaknesses. You also get to work through exercises like determining what your hourly rate needs to be if you want to earn a certain annual income.

A Limited Time Offer

On some level, you can never really take these types of extreme pricing schemes all that seriously. This is, after all, some repackaged PLR content. Even the download page had a page title in Chinese characters that translates to “Untitled Document.” Attention to detail and all that.

According to The Successful Mindsets sales page, what you are getting is $778 in total “vaule” [sic], which includes the $479 course, plus $299 in bonus materials. This has an “original price” of $47, but is being offered with “a huge discount for a limited time” for just $9.99. This is a one-time cost with no upsells. Despite my hesitations, based on what I’ve discussed above, this is only ten bucks. You really don’t have much to lose and there is some good stuff to learn here.

Now it’s just a matter of applying all those lessons to your own life. Do you have a mindset for success?

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