Easy Money with the 30 Day Success Formula?

Starting a more traditional brick-and-mortar business requires a significant investment of time and capital. This is a big reason why home-based businesses, both online and offline, are so much more attractive to people who want to be their own bosses. This is especially true if they can set up a system that consistently generates passive income. But you may be intimidated by how to get started with something like that too.

That’s where 30 Day Success Formula wants to step in, making it easy for even “newbies” to make “$200 to $1000 per day mailing out this top secret letter.” But what does that even mean? Let’s find out.

An Education in Business

Call it by any other name. 30 Day Success Formula effectively operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) system, and many people might even call it a pyramid scheme. The idea is that you are “selling” education on how to run a successful business, but the real objective is to convert as many people to your downline as possible. You earn commissions from direct and indirect referrals, earning more for conversions at higher levels.

This starts with the sales letter you receive after you enter your name and email address in the landing page. You are directed to a YouTube video that introduces you to the 30 Day Success Formula program. Then, you click on the link below the video to get the sales letter. That sales letter outlines the basic information you’ll need to know about the program.

Incredible Earning Potential?

There are a total of seven levels ranging from $89 to $27,500. Each level includes progressively more modules with “real products that have great information about starting a business and marketing — unlike other competitors who mainly use cheap/low quality PLR products.” More notably, buying into each level grants you progressively higher and higher commissions on both direct and indirect sales.

While the direct and indirect sales result in $30 and $20 commissions, respectively, at Level 1, those figures jump through the roof to $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, at Level 7. Of course, this means “selling” people at that level too.

Based on a 3 percent response rate, 30 Day Success Formula projects that you can earn about $38,400 annually at Level 3 (with a $1,000 initial cost); $163,200 at Level 5 (with a $5,000 initial cost); and $1.2 million at Level 7 (with a $27,500 initial cost). Reading the fine print on the order form, they indicate that these projected earnings “are for members who enroll at least Level 4 and who build a downline of at least 20 members. And those 20 members each build a downline of at least 5 members.” They reiterate that this “is not a promise or guarantee of future earnings.”

The order form involves splitting your payment between three recipients. The largest share goes to 30 Day Success Formula directly, while the second share is for the direct commission member and the third share goes to the indirect commission member. For the first two levels, they require that you send cash; if you want to send a money order (personal checks will not be processed), you need to call them for instructions.

A Great Opportunity?

The sales letter lists a number of reasons why this business is “so unique and credible.” They claim to have a “second to none reputation” and a conversion rate of 3 percent (or higher). They’ll also pay for your first ad campaign, handle all calls (so you don’t have to do any hard selling as the sales coaches will close the sales for you), and ship all orders. They say that this business is “hassle free for you,” and that it “saves you time and hassle.” They’ll even market “to the freshest, highest quality leads because we generate our own leads using a ‘proprietary’ harvesting system.”

The business itself is based on circulating this “secret letter” and getting as many people to buy into 30 Day Success Formula under you as possible. It started as direct mail — as in physical letters being sent to physical mailboxes — but it has since expanded to online to expedite the process. They also include a 90-day money back guarantee.

If and when you’re ready to sign up for 30 Day Success Formula, enter your full name and email address on this landing page. You’ll gain instant access to the sales letter with the basic information, as well as the order form at the end.

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