How to Get Visitors to Engage with Your Content

Do you wish to discover the secret to getting your audience to pay attention to your message?

Do you want your posts to be gripping and engaging?

It is completely possible to stand out from the crowd. Even in this day and age where skimming over website content has become the norm, it is within your ability to break the mold.

Follow these 4 simple steps to success. Create awe inspiring content that will give you the best of both worlds. You’ll have readers hanging on your every word as well as those who will skim but who are so enthralled with your content that they will pay attention to the most poignant points.

Implement the following tactics and you’ll be well on your way to attracting more subscribers, an increase in the comments section and better on-page metrics.

Let me share my secret with you and you too can partake in creating a successful online presence!

Get Answers As Readers

As readers we are all searching for answers. The trick is to discover the questions readers are hoping to uncover and then use your content to spark their curiosity. Gripping content must be interesting to attract and hold a reader’s attention.

A unique principle called curiosity gaps can effectively aid you to build a bridge of understanding and lead people to the answers they seek. In this case it’s the means by which the bridge is built and how well it is constructed that allows easy access for readers. Your content is valuable but the most crucial part of garnishing interest is the way it is presented and how effectively it is displayed.

1. Make Your Content Gripping Through Curiosity

As a content writer it’s important to use curiosity to your advantage. Sparking intrigue in the beginning will have readers compelled to read on in hope of discovering the answers.

The building blocks of curiosity gaps often begin with effective introductions and headlines. You want to emphasize the perceived benefits that only your content can deliver. It is important to carefully consider your headline and the power it has to draw in an audience.

The benefit may range from showing how to make an extra $1000 in a month to the 10 biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner. Whatever benefit you choose to highlight you’ll need to find a unique way to present the material that will surprise and delight your readers.

This can be as simple as promising to reveal your special recipe to success or a hidden industry trick that has created enormous success for countless others and of which you are prepared to exclusively reveal to your readers.

For example, your headline could read:

 A non-obvious method to make an extra $1000 a month

Without even trying you have grabbed the reader’s attention. The answer is not immediately evident and therefore there is an element of mystery. Your readers are intrigued by what you have to offer and your introduction further supports that you have a special handle on a well-hidden secret. Now you definitely have the attention of your audience. To develop trust within your readership your content must support your claim but if you chose to deliver your material in this format you will be guaranteed to hold and attract the attention of many.

2. Provide Them With Something They Can’t Miss

Let me introduce you to the “halo effect”. Basically stated this principle refers to the phenomenon by which something or someone once seen in a positive light will continue to hold the same perceived value in other aspects as well. If your readers think highly of you in one area this will translate across the board to other areas as well.

Your job as a content writer is to present yourself in the most attractive light possible. Studies support the notion that professional and well taken photos highlighting your assets adds validity to your content in the eyes of your readers. The same content viewed with unattractive and poorly taken photos was noted to rank lower and elicit a far less favorable response.

On I have added my picture in the About Us page. I had professional photos taken and I presented a clean-shaven and well-groomed version of myself to mark my online presence. This very tactic has added immeasurable value to the overall appeal of my site as readers get a clear a picture of who I am and this carries over to my content on a daily basis.

Put your best foot forward and you will reap the rewards!

The “halo effect” is meant to demonstrate your best traits. You always want to showcase the best of who you are and communicate to your readers precisely what you stand for. Your aim is to add credibility to your name so that your message will be readily received and held in good standing.

For example, I have added a short biography and picture to my website. Here I outline my past achievements and companies that I have successfully founded. My accomplishments give perceived value to readers and validity opinions and observations made on my website.

Much like we equate niceness with being smart, holding achievements under your belt adds credibility to your content. Readers make an automatic association that you have the experience to write amazing content. Therefore, your work garnishes attention based merely on the character and traits you have showcased to the world.

Don’t underestimate the value of design. While your content is ultimately what counts, it doesn’t stand alone. Design and content go hand in hand.

The “halo effect” applies here. What you say is just as important as how it is displayed. The very same content when given a face lift and reformatted will rank much higher than simply the content standing on its own merits.

This very fact has driven me to invest a great deal of money into the design of my advanced guides (in the sidebar). By implementing effective images and style into the guides I have managed to create a lasting piece of work that has stood the test of time. It continues to be one of the best designed content creations on the internet to date.

Whatever you do make sure that you take design into consideration.  Use images, formatting and multiple font styles to improve the look of your content. Allow the design to do its part and your content will thank you!

3. Make Difficult Questions Easier

Complex topics require clear and concise responses that are easily understood by the general public at large. The main goal is to bring clarity to a subject that is often rather difficult to explain. Your content should be easily understood by approximately 95 % of your readers. Because of the breadth and scope of your audience, its best to use terms and comparisons that are simple and clear and do not require a dictionary or google to decipher.

The best explanations will make use of general language and simplify concepts to their very basic foundations in order to communicate understanding to all levels of readership. Using this tactic will allow your content to appeal to a variety of readers and inevitably attract a wider fan base.

4. Try a Different Angle

Doing exactly the same thing over and over again is boring! You’ve got to find a way to make learning fun!

Curiosity gaps hinge on acquiring knowledge to new and undiscovered territory.  The excitement factor comes into play when you begin a journey into the unknown. This principle applies to your content as well.

You need to be creative and unique to inspire and attract the curiosity of your reader. Half the fun is in the journey. So take your reader’s curiosity to new heights by taking the road less travelled and exploring a topic that’s never been discovered before. The thrill of the unknown will be too enticing to resist and you’ll attract readership merely by exploring new territory.

5. A New Direction

You and many others may have climbed a mountain before and seen the view from the top. However, when you take a different road and approach the destination from a different direction, all of a sudden that same view looks completely different and you see things from a whole new vantage point. You begin to see things that you never knew were there. A fresh new perspective on an old topic requires a new direction, a new route to the top.

Let me challenge you to take a topic that’s been done before and transform it into a completely new piece based solely on the direction you take up the mountain. How will you make it uniquely yours?

Be different, be creative and above all challenge yourself to carve out a new path up the mountain!


Creating true fans requires dedication and hard work. Your content must speak for itself through design, creative angles and fresh new perspectives.  A loyal following that hangs on your every word, subscribes to your email lists and buys your products is your ultimate goal. To accomplish this task, you must put your best foot forward. You’ll need to showcase your many traits as well as a professional well-groomed image that lends itself to accolades and inspires trust in readers.

The four step process that I have outlined above is a fool-proof method to successfully make your mark within the online world. Begin slowly, one step at a time and slowly make your way to the finish line. When you finally reach the top of your mountain, you’ll be glad you took the time to find a new and creative way to the top!

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