Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting With Google Cloud

Not all web hosting is made alike. You may be able to find what appear to be crazy bargains on web hosting only to learn the hard way about all the corners they had to cut to achieve that price. Customer service is unhelpful or nonexistent. Server hardware is horribly outdated and mismanaged. You suffer through way too much downtime and page load times are atrociously slow. In the end, your “bargain” just isn’t worth it. There has to be a better way without breaking the bank.

And there is, especially if your website is powered by WordPress. Kinsta positions itself as offering “premium WordPress hosting for everyone” with benefits and features that really place it a step above the rest. Let’s take a closer look.

A Better Way to Host Your Blog

By and large, you’ll find that most standard web hosting plans fall into a few familiar categories. You’ve got shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. Kinsta doesn’t really fall into one of these buckets. Not exactly.

That’s because instead of simply shoving everyone’s website onto the same hardware (shared hosting) or charging a premium to allocate your site separately from others (VPS), Kinsta is powered by the Google Cloud Platform. This takes advantage of its 18 global data centers with an interconnected infrastructure that leverages their premium tier network.

The goal here is to minimize distance and hops, and the net result is data transfers that are faster and more secure than the competition. The WordPress web hosting service is fully managed, so you never have to worry about the nitty-gritty details, daily backups are always included, and you can trust your site will always run on “speed obsessive architecture” with automatic scalability and high availability.

Lucky enough to have your content go viral? Kinsta is ready for “unpredictable traffic surges,” so your site will still be available and load just as quickly for all those new visitors.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans from Kinsta are based mostly on the number of WordPress installs (remember that these are fully managed), the number of monthly visits, and the amount of disk space. The good news is that you don’t have to immediately upgrade to a higher plan because of a higher-than-average month; you have options with overage fees: $1/1,000 visits and $0.10/GB for CDN overage.

The $30 starter plan includes a single WordPress installation; 20,000 monthly visits; 5 GB of SSD storage; and 50 GB of free CDN access, as well as site migrations, 14-day daily backup retention, a staging area, free SSL certificates and SSH access. This scales up to $60 for the Pro monthly plan with 2 WordPress installations, $100 for the Business 1 monthly plan for 5 WordPress installations, and so on. All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

In addition, a series of optional upgrades are also offered, like $100/month/site for Cloudflare Railgun or Elasticsearch. If daily backups aren’t enough, you can also opt for updates every six hours or even every hour for $50/month/site or $100/month/site, respectively.

The User Dashboard

Just because Kinsta provides fully managed WordPress hosting doesn’t mean that you lose out on features. The elegant dashboard makes it easy to view all your critical statistics and analytics, as well as access advanced site tools and account management details.

From the main dashboard, you can quickly and easily review your resource usage, including number of sites, number of monthly visits, amount of disk usage, and amount of CDN usage. This way, you can best gauge if you’ll need to go into overage or if you might want to consider upgrading your plan.

Dive deep into your analytics, create SSL certificates, manage multiple users with granular access rights and more. What’s great is the dashboard almost feels like a WordPress installation itself, so getting around the different sections is easy and intuitive.

It’s also here that you can access some additional features, like the Kinsta DNS. This is a premium DNS service that is provided free of charge to Kinsta customers. You can manage your own zone records and use Amazon Route 53, which enables faster domain name resolving.

Pro Hosting for Pro Bloggers

With monthly prices starting as low as $30 for a single WordPress site, Kinsta is well within reach for budding professional bloggers who want a better experience than generic shared hosting. Your visitors will appreciate the blazing fast speed, thanks to SSD storage and the free CDN, as well as the best hardware by way of the Google Cloud Platform.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind against security risks, and you’ll know that everything will always be completely up to date and secured, especially with those daily backups. With free white-glove migrations and a money-back guarantee, Kinsta could be the new home on the web for your blog.

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