Make Money Online with Rookie Profit System by Steven Bransfield

My buddy and fellow Californian, Steven Bransfield has just launched his new Rookie Profit System. It’s a great name too because the system is designed for internet rookies or people new to internet marketing.

I met Steven a little over two years ago at a Mastermind in the Dominican Republic. Steven was a total Rookie back then. However, he was willing to learn and willing do whatever it took to be successful.

Over the next two years, I watch Steven grow from a young nervous kid into a young brilliant entrepreneur. The Rookie Profit System details the exact system and process Steven used to create online business doing over $1 million a year.

It’s hard to imagine that just two short years ago, Steven had only $206 in his bank account. These days, Steven lives in a $2.9 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills and drive around in a BMW. Plus he recently helped his parents with their mortgage. Life is pretty sweet when you live the Dot Com Lifestyle. Get the Rookie Profit System and you can live it as well.

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Source: jhonchow

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