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The last time we looked at AdsBridge toward the end of 2016, we were reminded of how the cloud-based affiliate software could maximize your earnings as an Internet marketer. From building effective landing pages that actually convert to tracking the traffic you send, AdsBridge let you “get ahead of your competitors” and “succeed in business.”

All of that, as far as I can fathom, continues to be true today. This doesn’t mean, however, that they’ve been resting on their laurels. The platform is constantly improving and introducing new features. Today, we’re looking at some of the newest changes and how AdsBridge can further increase your affiliate earnings.

A Quick Refresher

Right at the top of the AdsBridge homepage, we are reminded of the four core components to this affiliate software.

It starts with the “groundbreaking traffic software” that will empower you to “monetize your traffic effectively and track costs across all channels.” Then, you move on to manage “all ad campaigns,” as you are able to “collect vast volumes of rich click-forward data.” Step it up and analyze that data with “multivariable performance reports in real time” and “split-test creatives and determine which digital outlet is showing the best results based on key performance indicators.” In the end, you’ll be able to “save time and money on massive traffic amounts optimization.”

AdsBridge is highly scalable with 7 data centers around the world, covering over 160 countries, integrated with hundreds of affiliate networks reachable with 1-click setup. With conversion tracking, pixel tracking, ad tracking, link tracking, a URL rotator and all the rest of it, you’ll be on the top of your game with this SaaS software. And now there’s more to it.

New Feature: Traffic Monetization

Understandably, a big part of this affiliate tracking software has to do with tracking the performance of your various marketing campaigns. Earlier this year, AdsBridge decided to take that a step further with traffic monetization. You can now earn on that tracked traffic “with maximum effectiveness.”

Under normal circumstances, you would need to establish your traffic distribution rules, choose the conditions, search for the right offers, test bundles and so forth. The new traffic monetization feature takes care of all that on your behalf, all in one click. Simply toggle the “monetize the traffic” check box in your dashboard. Then, under the Traffic Monetization section, you select the vertical you’d like to use.

When you do this, any traffic that doesn’t match the conditions of the rules you’ve already set up will be automatically monetized. The traffic is distributed automatically in your chosen vertical, giving you more opportunities to earn more profit. Monetize every visitor, right? Don’t leave any money on the table.

Introducing SmartOffers

Just last month, AdsBridge introduced SmartOffers. This builds on Traffic Monetization in that you can utilize similar functionality in the form of actual offers.

Just as with Traffic Monetization, the traffic distribution and optimization with SmartOffers is completely automatic. You simply select your chosen vertical, grab the smart link, and start sending traffic in its direction. You can treat SmartOffers in much the same way you would more conventional offers, defining distribution rules, split-testing SmartOffers against your own offers, and reviewing detailed statistics and reports to gauge and optimize performance.

The SmartOffers are listed at the top of the “Manage Offers” section in the dashboard. When AdsBridge first added SmartOffers, it offered them in six verticals: dating, mainstream dating, sweepstakes, pills, mobile content (adult), and gay dating. Earlier this month, two new verticals were added to the mix: cams and diet & weight loss. Payouts for these new verticals are per user registration and per product purchase, respectively.

Discount Code for John Chow dot Com Readers

You’ll find a number of pricing plans with AdsBridge, based mostly on the number of monthly visits you expect to have. Plans start from $89 per month for the professional plan, which allows for up to one million visits per month.

As a special offer for readers of John Chow dot Com, AdsBridge is a discount of 25 percent off for life when you sign up today using the promo code JohnChow25. This discount applies to your monthly subscription; it cannot be stacked on top of the discount you’d receive with annual plans. So, while you could pay a discounted rate of $899/year (save $169) with a professional annual plan, you’d effectively pay $801 with the promo code (save $267). The savings are even bigger with the larger plans.

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