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By far two of the greatest challenges you will face in your professional life as an Internet marketer are finding more effective ways to reach a wider audience and then figuring out how best to monetize that reach for maximum profit. As the web continues to change, evolve and mature, so must your methods.

In today’s review, we take a look at a new product called ReachMobi. Their solution, ReachMobi Web Push Notifications, provides publishers with an entirely new revenue stream and marketing channel that they may not have known even existed.

What Is ReachMobi?

ReachMobi should know what they’re talking about. Utilizing their own Web Push solution, ReachMobi has amassed an audience of more than 20 million monthly active users across several content web properties. In addition, ReachMobi has successfully been monetizing these users by serving them targeted, brand name advertising via web push, while simultaneously growing the audience. Now, they’re offering this same proven solution to the public.

ReachMobi’s Web Push Notifications work on all existing web browsers, and can reach users whether they are on the site or not. But their biggest advantage in the web push notification industry is that they are the only solution that is focused on monetization. In fact, ReachMobi works with a myriad of advertisers as well as search providers to bring category specific, brand name advertising to your users. –And you can send your users offers as often or as seldom as you would like.

What Are Web Push Notifications?

If you’ve been using a smartphone for any length of time, then you’ve surely already experienced the mobile push notification. When you get a new email, you get a push notification. When someone messages you on Facebook, you get a push notification. Web push notifications are fundamentally identical, except they work within the context of a web browser, whether desktop or mobile.

Have you noticed in the last few months that more and more websites are asking for permission to push notifications to you? This is a quickly growing trend and one that ReachMobi capitalizes on both from the perspective of the publisher and the advertiser.

Push notifications in a web browser works in the same way on a mobile device or on desktop. You get an image, a title, some content and a clickable link. This overcomes one of the greatest frustrations with other marketing channels, because it means you can reach your audience in real time with timely and relevant messages. And again, these messages can be sent wherever they are on the web, whether they are on your site or not.

To help you learn a lot more about desktop push notifications, ReachMobi has several articles to help you understand the basics and take your push game to the next level. The resources continue to grow.

There are at least two very important things to note about the ReachMobi system. First, it is completely free for you to use as a publisher, including unlimited push messages to your opt-in user base. Second, it provides a monetization opportunity in that one advertiser message is included as part your daily push notifications to your audience. ReachMobi provides advertising from top brands and shares the revenue generated through this service. –Boom, an entirely new stream of revenue.

How Can I Use Them?

Implementing the ReachMobi system of desktop push notifications is easy enough. After you sign up, you simply insert a snippet of JavaScript on your site. From there, you work with your rep to set up the messages you want sent out and when you want them delivered. That’s it. You can go further with segmentation if you’d like too. ReachMobi describes solutions the key benefits that this system provides.

The focus here is on creating one-on-one interaction with your users, driving highly-personalized offers at the right time to the right audience. With the hit-and-run nature of today’s Internet, you may not ever see the same user on your site ever again. With intelligent use of push notifications, you can turn one-time readers into lifelong subscribers. Expect scalable user retention for long-term growth.

One thing is clear, when it comes to the world of web push notifications, ReachMobi is just dominating the industry right now. They built and are monetizing their own 20 million unique-user network with this solution, if that’s not proof positive, I don’t know what is. The solution is 100% free. You owe it to yourself and your bottom line to give it a try.

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