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Sitegap Websites- Product Details

Welcome To Sitegap!
Paul Osborne of Sitegap

Hello and thank you for visiting our auction page.

My name is Paul Osborne, and my company have been designing, building and selling websites here on eBay since 2006, and we have supplied over 6,000 websites to over 5000 customers.

We have built a solid reputation in that time, by offering an outstanding quality of product and service to our customers and this is backed by a personal support system for every site purchased.

Sitegap ready made websites not only look stunning – they are built on the WordPress platform, which make browsing and navigating the websites easy your visitors.

What’s more every ready made website it totally flexible – you can add to and replace the existing content, add additional images, include extra videos and banners, you can add additional affiliate programs if you wish, and even add your own product store via one of the many available WordPress plugins.

6000 Websites Sold

All of this and more is the without the need to know any special coding skills!. Total control of your website is done via the sites own easy to use control panel, so even if you have zero knowledge of operating a website, you will find using WordPress a breeze.

However, as with anything new, there is always a learning curve, so if you struggle with any aspect, you can always contact Sitegap support we are always happy to offer help and assistance.

Affiliate Marketing Website For Sale

Home Page Screenshot – Make a Great First Impression!

website for sale

View Website Demo

Responsive Design – Adapts to All All Screen Sizes

responsive design

Key Features Of This Sitegap Website

no coding skills

No Coding Skills Required

Running a website with WordPress, requires no coding skills to add articles, or images – In fact you could build 1000’s of pages of content, without having to do any coding whatsoever!

wordpress website for sale

Built on WordPress

All of our current ready made websites for sale, are built on the WordPress platform. This allows your website to be easily managed and updated with a very small learning curve.

articles and content

Articles Included

Every ready made website for sale, will include between 15 and 20 pre-written Private Label Rights Articles. You can re-write or replace these articles, and class them as your own.

sell your own products

You Can Sell Your Own Products

If you have your own product to sell, you can easily add physical or digital products via one of many WordPress shopping cart plug ins many of which are open source free of charge.

social bookmarking

Integrated Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking links are available at the end of every articles so your visitors can bookmark, and share your content with others, which creates additional traffic to your website.

seo built in

Built In SEO

All of the websites for sale include an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plug in. This will easily allow you to add your all important page titles, keywords and descriptions

free bonus

Free Internet Marketing Tools

Every turnkey website for sale comes complete with a set of bonuses. These are info products and software to help you learn how to promote your website for the best results.

no shipping or inventory to keep

No Inventory to Keep or Shipping to Make

The great beauty of affiliate websites, is that you do not have any inventory to keep, or items to ship. You sell a product from your website, you get paid a commission from the merchant.

domain name

Free Domain Name with Every Purchase

Every website requires a domain name, and Sitegap have pleasure in supplying one free with every website sold. You can choose one yourself by using our domain name finder tools, or simply request us to find one for you.


Built in Amazon Web Store

All websites have a fully functioning Amazon Store which enables you to earn commission every time a visitor make a purchase. You can add as many additional products to the store as you wish directly from your Amazon Affiliate console.

built in newsletter

Built In Newsletter and Opt In Form

Communicating with your visitors is a no-brainer for building relationships and repeat sales. Each website, has a built in Auto-responder to allow you to send out your newsletter, make your affiliate or product offers, and any other communication.

social networking

Social Network Ready

Social integration is a massive part of web marketing, and your ready made website includes all of the tools for your visitors to like and share your website and content through Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

affiliate programs

Integrated Affiliate Programs

All websites for sale are affiliate websites. This means that you earn a commission from every product sold from the site, from the webs biggest and most trusted vendors for you to earn from such as Google, Amazon, Clickbank and Infolinks.

google sitemap

Google Sitemaps and HTML Sitemap

Your website is enabled with a Google Sitemap XML file, so it will instantly be submitted and spidered by the major search engines. It also has an on site HTML sitemap which makes it easier for visitors to navigate your entire site.

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ebay store banner

How The Website Makes Money!
built in newsletter

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC works by placing targeted ads which are related to the content on the web page. You get paid a share of the advertisers cost when a visitor clicks on one of the ads.

social networking

Affiliate Marketing

Your will earn a commission for any sale resulting from affiliate links on your site. All sales are dealt with by the merchant, you simply get paid for the referral!

How Affiliate Marketing Works

You Will Earn Income From….

Google AdSense is probably the easiest money you can make on the internet.

Once you are accepted into the AdSense program, the ads Google shows from its advertisers on the pages of your website, will earn you money every time one of your visitors click on them.

Your new website page has strategically located AdSense ads on every page and now you can start to get checks sent to you each month from Google. There are many people making over 5 figures each and every month JUST on Google AdSense income.

How You Earn From Google Adsense

adsense ad sample

Your visitor sees a Google Adsense Ad (Example on right) on your page that interests him, so he clicks on the link to find out more

Google will now pay you a percentage of the advertisers costs, as you get paid for any legitimate ‘clicks on Google Adsense ads on your website. (Google never reveal the exact percentage that they pay out however it is believed to be around 50% of the advertisers costs)

Google know to pay you, as every Adsense link on your website is embedded with a unique tracking code that Google issue to you when you join their program.

adsense earnings

amazon logo

The Amazon Associates program is among themost respected and favorite affiliate programs – it’s a fantastic wayto monetize your new website.

Your new online store has 1000’s ofproducts, on 100’s of pages for your customer to choose from. You haveno inventory to buy, stock to keep or dispatches to make, as thecheckout button on your store seamlessly directs to Amazons checkout,and they deal with the sale, delivery and customers service.

How You Earn From Amazon Associates

The associate (you!) offers Amazon’s products for sale on your website. Each product on yoursite has a specially formatted link embedded with your Associate ID.This allows Amazon to track visits and sales generated from your site.When visitors follow your links, and proceeds to make a purchase, youwill be paid a share of their profit – which is between 4% and 8.5%

Amazon Associates earning potentialbased on a $150.00 order on the 4% commission tier.

amazon earnings

The Amazon Affiliate program is currently unavailable in US states of Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois,North Carolina, Arkansas and Rhode Island due to state tax laws.

clickbank logo

Your new website has a very easy and efficient way to promote Clickbank products. Every page of the site has attractive Clickbank ads embedding with your affiliate ID.

The earning potential with Clickbank ads is virtually limitless. The majority of Clickbank products offer a commission of between 50% – 75% on their sales. Pay-per-click systems generate a few pennies for each click, but by displaying Clickbank ads on your site, you can even earn $150 with just one click!

Once you start displaying ads, there’s no stopping the money. Many affiliates make in excess of $10,000 a month, while an average figure is between $3,000 – $5,000 for average traffic sites.

Additional Clickbank Advertising from CBProAds

The Clickbank ads shown on the ‘programs’ page of the site will require you join a membership program. The program offers a free membership (Shown on the site) which enables your affiliate ID to be embedded in the ads 50% of the time. The remaining 50% is the publishers ID will be embedded into the ads. You can upgrade to a Pro Account for $39.95 per year. This enables your affiliate ID to be shown in the ads 100% of the time. Please note there is no obligation whatsoeverto upgrade your membership

Clickbank earning potential based on an average $40 commission payout

clickbank earnings

infolinks logo
infolinks ad sample

Infolinks ‘in-text’ ads, creates a double underline link below your the most valuable keywords on your web page. This keeps your content appearance clean while enticing your visitor to click on the hyperlinked ad

How You Earn From Infolinks

Your visitor hovers over one of the links, and follows through to the advertisers site to find out more about the offer or service.

Infolinks will now pay you a percentage of the advertisers costs, as you get paid for any legitimate clicks on Infolinks ads on your website.

Infolinks income potential based on 10% Click Through Rate and 20c per click

infolinks earnings

big crumbs logo

Not an affiliate program, but a reward program for your and your customers, which will reward you and your customers a cashback and when either you or they shop online.

There are over 300 online stores to earn from including Walmart, Overstock, Drugstore, Gap, Old Navy, Circuit City, Target, Godaddy and many more branded names.

Not only will you personally save on much of your online shopping, when one of your website visitors joins through the link on your website, you will get a referral commission, every time they shop – FOREVER.

We are unable to list income potential here as each merchant has a different commission rates. There’s no spam or hidden catches and members have earned cash back and referral commissions on millions of dollars in purchases.

Earning Potential
earning potential

As with all businesses you will need to work on it and the more time, money, and effort you put in, will determine how successful the business becomes.

Many website owners are happy with a few hundred extra dollars a month by simply promoting the site to their family, friends, work colleagues, and their social media friends and associates.

If you are serious about running an internet business that will produce a 5 or 6 figure income, you will need to learn about various means of online promotion and marketing, and getting your website positioned well in the search engines.

There are many different ways, to promote your website – too many to mention here. But to help you get the best possible start to your online business we will provide you with several eBooks and an email course that will help to get you on the right track, these can be found listed at the bottom of this page.

Great Value Web Hosting

Just $59.40 per year…..”Our No Fuss Hosting Package. Just one easy payment for 12 Months Quality Service”


Website Hosting is an online space where all of the files and folders of your site are kept and enables your site to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

You can host your site on our state of the art – US Based -Dedicated Servers, which have been custom built, and optimized to run our websites.

The servers use the fastest Solid State Drives, with a separate disc drive for storing your MySQL database, which ensures your sites run at optimum speeds. What’s more we offer a free weekly backup of your website, which again are stored on a totally separate drive, so your site is always safe in the unlikely event of a drive failure or any other unforeseen circumstances.

The hosting package is only available to Sitegap customers, so you will not have your website on the same drive as 1000’s of other websites, which you get in a commercial shared hosting environment.

The package offered comes complete with the ever popular and easy to use cPanel, which allows you to monitor your sites traffic, set up unlimited email accounts, manage your sites files and much – much more.

The cost of Sitegap hosting is $59.40 per (equivalent to $4.95 per month)

own host
installing yourself

Host Unlimited Sitegap Websites. You can host unlimited Sitegap websites on one hosting account. There will be no further hosting costs after your first website.

x3 Non sitegap Websites You are permitted to host x3 third party website in your hosting account.

Unlimited Email Addresses You can set up unlimited email address for all of your websites within cPanel.

Unlimited Bandwidth. As your traffic and business grows you will require more bandwidth. This is unrestricted with your account.

Unlimited Subdomains. You can add as many sub-domains to your websites as your require.

Unlimited Disc Space. You will get unlimited web space for the websites that you have hosted on your account.

Free Weekly Backups. Your website will be backed up on a seperate drive, so your website is always safe – no matter what happens.

Your cPanel Hosting Control Panel

cpanel screenshot

Free Domain Name

“Domain Name Of Your Choice Supplied FREE With Every Website Purchased”

option one button

Choose your own Domain Name

At the end of the auction we will direct you to some awesome domain name generator tools, so you can find the perfect domain name for your new website. Enter the chosen domain name to the form we send you, and we will secure the name for you.

option two button

Let us find the domain name for you.

If you prefer us to select the domain name for you, simply tick the checkbox on the form you receive end of the auction, and we will select a 2 or 3 word, hyphen free, (.com) domain name for you.

Join GoDaddy (FREE Account!)

godaddy logo

Godaddy are our chosen supplier of Domain Names, and you will also need a Godaddy account (free) so we can push the domain name to your account.

We are only able to transfer (Push) domains to Godaddy accounts. ICANN rules prohibit transfers to an alternative registrar for 60 days from the date of Domain registration

We will provide you will instructions on how to obtain your free Godaddy account and step by step instructions of how to accept the domain name into your new account.

Amazing Bonus With Every Purchase

You will have access to over 100 training videos and product downloads in our membership area. These training modules
will give you everything you need to operate, promote and succeed with your website

sitegap bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q…..”Here Are The Answers To Our Most Popular Questions!”


Q: Are there any other costs orcharges?

A: The only additional charges youwill have to pay is the website hosting charge, of $59.40, which ispayable prior to us transferring the website to you. This cost isrenewable annually. The Domain Name Renewal charge to Godaddy (Approx$9.95 or less) will also be payable after the first 12 months. If youare not using Sitegap hosting, and would like us to install the site toyour server, there will be a $25.00 installation charge.

Q: What happens next if I win theauction?

A: You will receive an ‘paymentconfirmation’ email from eBay, after you have made payment, which willinclude a link to our Website Set Up Form, and further instructions. Ifyou miss this or do not receive the email, we will send a backup emailthrough the eBay messaging system, usually within few hours of yourpayment.

Q. Do you sell 100’s of copies of thesame website?

A: No. We limit the amount of eachwebsite to around 40 copies before we totally redesign the site and addnew content and images. You shouldn’t worry about duplicate content asthese sites have between 15 -20 articles that you are encouraged toreplace and/or edit. Plus as you build your business and website youwill be adding new content on regular basis so your site will be unique.

Q: I’ve never ran a website before -What Knowledge do I need?

A: Absolutely None! but you will needto learn how to grow a web business and grow your site, by adding moregreat content. This is a simple and enjoyable process that can bemanaged from the website control panel.

Q: Do you run my new website for me?

A: No. This is your business, and theoperation is down to you. Advertising and promotion of your business,are not included with the purchase of this website.

Q. Is the website easy to edit/change.

A. Yes the site is built on thepopular WordPress platform and has its own control panel which makesediting and adding content simple.

Q: Can I make money from this website?

A: Absolutely! Websites and InternetMarketing are proven money-making businesses and you can startgenerating income immediately through social networking, and by postingto forums and blogs with link back to your site. For your website togenerate natural search engine traffic will not happen overnight, andif you study the SEO optimization course, given as a bonus here, youwill be well on your way to an automated income system.

Q: Can I have a refund if don’t likethe website?

A: Unfortunately we don’t offerrefunds. We have the cost of the domain name, as well as the hoursgoing into building the website and updating the codes etc. You able tosee the actual site in operation before you decide to buy, and withproper promotion and marketing, your income will quickly out weigh thecost of purchase.

Q: How long does it take for mywebsite to be ready?

A: We aim to have your website readywithin 3 Working Days of receiving the required information from you,often a lot quicker.

Q: Can i change the existing and addnew articles to my website?

A: Yes. The articles are PrivateLabel, which mean they can be edited and classed as your own work (Infact we encourage this) You can also add additional content, banners,affiliate links, and any other changes you prefer as you have 100%ownership of the site.

Q. Can you make some changes andmodifications to the existing design?

A. We are happy to make any requestedchanges to the website, but ALL and ANY work requests are chargeable.We are a business, and cannot carry out modifications free of charge,no matter how small they are. We are happy to quote prior to purchaseof required.

Q: Can I resell my website?

A: No. This website is sold withpersonal use rights only, it is not sold with any resale rights, Youmay not make copies of the website and resell them as this would breachthe terms of our copyright. Please read our full copyright terms here.

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Sitegap Copyright

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