Scam Alert – Giani Barraza Is A Dead Beat – Refuses To Pay Debt

When I started the friendly bets on the Presidential elections, I knew some of the losers wouldn’t honor their bets. However, I never expected one of those dead beat betters would be Giani Barraza.

Giani is a self proclaimed marketing guru who supposedly makes millions per years. Because of that, I offered him a friendly $1,000 bet, instead of the normal $100 one, that Trump would not be President after Jan. 20. Giani accepted, and confirmed his acceptance when I sent him a screenshot of the bet via private message.

As the weeks went on and it looked more and more like Biden would win, Giani started to backtrack by asking if the bets I’ve made were even real.

Yesterday Biden got sworn in as President, and I sent a PM to Giani with my PayPal address so he can send my winnings. He then blocked me and threaten to “expose” my settled case with the FTC (FTC cases are public record so there’s nothing to expose).

This all brings up the question: why does someone who claims to be making millions, can’t seem to pay a measly $1000 bet? What does that say about his honor? If he’s really making the money he claims, then why can’t he pay a friendly $1000 bet?

I have to admit when I first made the bet with Giani, a small part of me was wishing he would flake out. While wining $1000 is nice, exposing a fake guru is even more fun.

I have no intention of going after Giani for money. This was after all, a friendly bet between one millionaire to a claimed to be millionaire. My feeling is if Giani is making the kind of money he claims to be making, then this post will cost him way more than $1000.

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