or additional questions call us 954-889-3900 or by email sellersupport@az-emarketing.com


From your seller dashboard click on products. This will take you to your products page. On the products page click on [Add New Products]

On the Add New Products Page fill in the form as instructed.

  • Give your product a title.
  • Set a price. There are 2 options: [Price] and [Discounted price]. Only set a discounted price if you intend to offer a discount on the product. You can schedule how long the discount should apply for by “checking” the schedule tick box underneath the price box and setting the relevant dates. If you do not want to offer a discount then leave the “Discounted Price” field empty.
  • Select a product category.
  • Set any product tags to help with searches.
  • Give your product a description.
  • IMAGE: first click on the big box to set a featured image. This is the image that will appear on the front page. Then add any other images. See the image below.

Set your stock control options such as SKU codes. If it is a digital product, click “This is a downloadable product and add the downloadable file”.

If you product multiple options such as size, color, other customization then check the multiple options box. This will give you further options. Either select pre-defined custom options or create new ones and click add options.

To let people select those options when purchasing your product you need to click “Create variation using those attribute options”. If the price is different give your product option a price.

Select your shipping. If you want to set a shipping for this individual product you need to enable shipping in your store settings. Once you set the shipping you can override your store shipping policy and set individual shipping price, otherwise your store wide shipping cost will apply.

VERY IMPORTANT:  shipping is calculated cumulatively  If you set a default shipping price on the shipping module and override shipping while adding your product then the amount you enter on the add products page will be added on to the amount you set in the shipping module. If your shipping varies from product to product, I recommend you set your shipping to “zero” in the shipping module and individually enter shipping whilst adding your products, but remember to select override shipping.



The seller dashboard will look like this. From here click on “settings” and navigate to your store settings.


The store settings is where you can update all the details about your store. Things like store address, payment details, shipping details and terms and conditions.

The store settings page will look like the image below.



Store banner represents your store identity, brand and concept. It captures the buyers attention and promotes your brand. You can update this image by navigating to Seller Dashboard → Setting page.

Begin by uploading a banner. The banner needs to be 825 x 300 px. You can download a PSD template from here. Alternatively use one of our banners. You can download them from the seller resources.


Set your store details to tell your prospective customers where you are based, your contact details such as email and phone number. It is important that this is set up properly or else your profile will appear incomplete. First impressions count a lot in online trading as you do not have direct human contact. It is important that your store is complete and looks professional.


On the store details page, if you click this box, a separate tab will appear on your store page with your store terms and conditions. Use this section to set your store policy, whatever they are. You can set things like returns policies, terms and conditions.

Once done, click UPDATE SETTINGS.


This is one of the most important aspect of your store. Unless you set the correct PayPal payment option, you may not be able sell anything in our marketplace. Check that the PayPal address is correct.

Social Profiles

Your social presence is very important. It helps you promote your store and connect with your customers.  Here you can link your social profiles with your store. These will appear on the side of your store.


This page contains your store-wide shipping settings, costs, shipping and refund policy.

You can enable/disable shipping for your products. Also you can override these shipping costs from an individual product.

If you want set your shipping rates it is very important that you enable shipping from this page.

Set the following parameters:

Default Shipping Price : what is your default shipping price? It often varies by product, so do not worry, set one here and when listing a product, you will be able to set individual product shipping as well.

Per Product Additional Price : what is the price per additional product.

Per Qty Additional Price : what is the number of additional quantities.

Processing Time : how long after the order is placed will the product be sent out.

Shipping Policy : Do you have any specific shipping policies? If so, set them here.

Refund Policy : What is your refund policy?

Ships from: Which country are you shipping from?

Further below you will be able to set different rates for different countries.


This is very important. This section determines how your store will look when shared on the Facebook and Twitter and when it appears in google.

Make sure you set a good page title. Almost always, this should be your store name or you can set it as a brief descriptive title of what you sell. Think: what will get the readers attention?

Provide a brief short description.

For additional questions call us 954-889-3900 or by email sellersupport@az-emarketing.com

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