What’s Your Drug of Choice?

One of the most fascinating things that you’ll learn about Internet marketing isn’t really the variety of ways you can make some serious money online. Instead, it’s the clear demonstration that just about anyone can come from just about any situation and discover tremendous success out the other side.

You may already know, for instance, that John Chow himself grew up in one of Canada’s poorest neighborhoods and he is one of the best known and most successful Internet marketers today. In his new book Drug of Choice, Mark Van Stratum documents his journey from a life of drugs and crime to that of a jet-setting millionaire. Let’s get started with the review.

The True Story of the One-Armed Criminal

It’s obvious enough to anyone that some people are simply born into a better situation than others. If your parents are rich and successful, you will be afforded a great number of privileges denied to countless others. Conversely, if you have a rough childhood, your struggles will be more difficult.

In many ways, Drug of Choice should not be viewed as some sort of manual for how you too can make millions of dollars on the Internet. Instead, it describes Mark’s personal journey through hardship and how he was able to overcome those challenges. You could say it’s his memoir. It’s all told from a first-person perspective.

Mark talks about when he was just five years old, waking up in a hospital, unsure of how he got there. His arm had been run over by a train and had to be amputated. While it seems like he took it in stride himself (he hated staying at the hospital), the kids at school thought differently. He learned very quickly (and wrongly) that violence was the answer.

And then his father left when he was 12. Yes, Mark Van Stratum certainly started out from a rough spot.

Turning to a Life of Crime

If you’re hoping for a book full of pictures that you can finish in one sitting, this probably isn’t it. There are over 200 pages of straight text here, but the writing style makes for a light and easy read. It’s like a fictional tale, except everything in it is a true and accurate account (to the best of his memory) of Mark’s life.

He takes us along, for instance, to the time he robbed an office building with his best friend Alvin, another ne’er-do-well who never did fit in with the other kids. They were “brothers,” even though they weren’t related and weren’t even of the same race.

The narrative is approachable and compelling, while the actual chapters are kept relatively short so you always feel compelled to read just a little bit more. Why is his mother crying? How did he get into drugs and alcohol? What happened to turn all of this around?

Turning Things Around

Of course, this blog is mostly about Internet marketing and the dot com lifestyle, so it only makes sense that a sizable portion of the book is dedicated to that aspect of Mark’s life today. We learn how he connects with other successful entrepreneurs like Charles Ngo… as well as professional skydivers, apparently.

We learn about the myriad of other lessons he learned along the way, how he was able to turn his life around and start raking in the serious cash as an affiliate marketer. That became his new “drug of choice,” so to speak.

The Power of Choice

The take-home lesson that you will hopefully glean from reading this book is that it really is never too late to change. Rise above your circumstances, make better decisions, and with a little luck on your side, you could be on the receiving end of seven-figure affiliate payouts too.

Today, Mark Van Stratum says he has created “a fulfilling life” with a “worldwide circle of friends” and multiple businesses “boasting millions of dollars annually.” I think we all want something like that, right?

Drug of Choice: The Inspiring True Story of the One-Armed Criminal Who Mastered Love and Made Millions is available now on Amazon in your choice of hardcover, paperback and Kindle formats.

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