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You can buy almost anything online these days, from makeup to musical instruments, record players to real estate. It’s easy, simple and convenient. It’s also just as easily to buy new and used items from other average, everyday people as it is to buy from bigger box stores and multinational corporations. With so many people buying so many things, there are limitless opportunities for you to tap into some really healthy income. And you don’t even need to sell anything of your own.

As you will find out in today’s review, one of the more innovative ways you can tap into this growing market is with Whohou. Never heard of it? Maybe your friends and followers haven’t either and this could represent a huge upside for you as an affiliate.

What Is Whohou and How Does It Work?

The fundamental idea behind Whohou is going to sound familiar enough. When you refer people over to the website and they complete a purchase, you get rewarded with a percentage-based commission for referring that sale.

As an affiliate, you will be provided with a unique link that you can then share as you see fit. Send it to your friends, family members and colleagues through instant messenger or text message if you want. Blast it out to your email marketing list. Promote it through social media, insert the link in your blog posts, keep a banner in the sidebar of your site… whatever you want.

Something that makes Whohou distinct from so many other affiliate programs is that it’s not just, as the affiliate, who stands to benefit from referring new customers to Whohou. The people you refer get a nice bonus too. When your referrals purchase items through the site, they can earn up to 3% cash back. This encourages them to keep buying and, when they do, you continue to earn more and more money too. It’s win-win all around. And truly, there is no catch.

A Wealth of Information?

Something that really struck me as I was trying to learn more about Whohou was how the main page of the website doesn’t look like a typical landing page or homepage. Instead, it’s very text-heavy and consists of links (and excerpts) from the Whohou blog.

This makes for a first impression that is hardly visually striking and could be an immediate turnoff for a lot of potential users who may have otherwise signed up and starting buying items from the marketplace. My first big recommendation to the people behind Whohou is to invest in a more robust and visually attractive homepage that quickly and succinctly sums up what the site is all about (and why people should sign up).

That being said, the actual blog itself is very useful for all Whohou affiliates. You learn about sharing the products you find on the site, as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. It’s otherwise quite straightforward.

What Can I Buy on Whohou?

An affiliate program is only as strong as its offerings. It doesn’t matter if the commission structure is highly attractive if the actual product itself isn’t appealing. This is not a problem with Whohou.

That’s because Whohou doesn’t actually have any products of its own. Instead, it taps into the near infinite selection of eBay, arguably the world’s largest online marketplace. You can buy just about anything on Whohou that you would otherwise find on eBay. You just have to make sure you are logged into your Whohou account and find the product through Whohou to get cashback (as a buyer) and for you to earn the commission (as the affiliate).

The regular search box is located near the top of the page, but you can just as easily click on the “Browse eBay” link in the navigation bar to look around too. A number of the most popular categories are also listed along the right side of the homepage, making it quick and easy for you to browse for everything from dolls and bears to sports memorabilia and digital cameras. The product listing shows the seller’s location and feedback, as well as the potential cashback amount.

The Lifetime Commission Structure

With some of the more popular affiliate programs out there, you get paid only for the sale that you refer. That’s not the case with Whohou! The commission actually sticks with you for the lifetime of your referral. When you refer a new user who registers for an account with Whohou, every purchase the referral makes is connected to you and you earn up to 0.5% of every sale. For life.

It only takes a moment to sign up for an account and you’re just as eligible for the up to 3% cash back on your own purchases too. Payouts are made via PayPal on a net-30 basis, even if you’ve only made $10. If you can’t take PayPal from a Canadian account, you can request checks for amounts of at least $100.

Whohou may have only been in operation since last year, but it’s already paying out over $300,000 to its users and affiliates every month. Jump on board with this rapid growth and get your piece of the action.

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